a villain of sorts. (enthroned) wrote in beforecrisis,
a villain of sorts.

ShinRa RP pimpage~

cityuponmako; "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"

A Final Fantasy VII ShinRa Roleplay

Set two years before the original game starts and after the events of Before Crisis, ShinRa has recently completed construction of the plates. With reactors in place, they are quickly approaching the height of their industrial and political empire. Under the command of President Jack ShinRa, it is the duty of the Turks to keep ShinRa at the top...Whatever the cost. Between a war with the Wutanese government and with an ambitious power-hungry son at his back, will President ShinRa be able to retain his control over the city? The plot will eventually steer torward the FF7 story-line, but be creative and active, and it's likely bigger plots involving you will branch out and develop.

Our cast is currently very small, with several crucial roles available. We also accept mod-approved original Turks and ShinRa employees. Please check it out and come join! We're looking forward to playing with you!
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